We Arrived


Sorry for the late post guys, the internet situation has been pretty rough here. So our lovely team arrived the 18th of February. It was a total of 22 hours to finally get to Botswana and it was worth it!

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The Start of Something Different

The Start of Something Different

So it’s day one of the journey. About a month from now we’ll be heading to Botswana, Africa. I have the honor of heading down there with a pretty boss international team. Our crew consists of Anna, Maike, and Younng-Joo! Personally, we are really excited for the journey in front of us. Today we started doing preparations by setting up a fundraiser to make the projects that we want to do there happen.

Not going to lie, it’s pretty nerve-racking thinking about what we’re actually doing! Going to a different country, trying to help out the community, and if everything goes well, create a long-lasting impact on the people we encounter along the way. I don’t the exact path that lies before us, but I know that with an honest heart and good intentions, we’ll have a life changing experience!

P.S. For these blogs, I’m going to try to include as many photos as I can so you can feel like you’re right there with us. Consistency is key! Maybe a couple quotes and a joke or two along the way. On that note:

What’s white and doesn’t climb trees?

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